Tried to unlock it but no joy so far. It is still there in the shop now. Mar 10, Posts: Why on earth did Ars recommend this board??? All I have to say is if you are having any problems then read the manual AGAIN and go to Asus’s website and review all the technical specs about the board.

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Originally posted by Motherborad They said I should bring it in for troubleshooting. Computer Services Tel This board uses Shared Video Memory. I tested the memory in another system, it checked out Ok.


This is going to be my main secretary upgrade board. I have built and shipped well over of these boards and have not had asud single board returned.

Here’s what you get asus a7n266 vm motherboard your hard earned 89 smacks: So this little home system should really rock. May 14, Posts: Only in very rare cases can motherboards not run faster RAM at slower speeds. I have read several reviews fro other sites like Hardwareanalysis. It’s interesting, I boot from the install CD, but the installer then says it can’t detect the cdrom. I asus a7n266 vm motherboard I have the skills to work as a tech and this has me scratching my head I see that you have a W PS, but the power could be dodgy anyway.

I get crashy a7b266 of I go over Most of the people who asus a7n266 vm motherboard come into my shop with systems they’ve built and have problems didn’t read or do the background work or even bother asking the. The voltage on a particular rail could be far enough out of spec to cause problems.

Haven’t had any problems and the temps seem to stay normal.

What’s asus a7n266 vm motherboard 5vsb setting on the power supply? The minimal memory you should use with this system is MB. It took time, but I found out about the correct way to set the CPU: If it’s not working fine, check your ram timings, run a memory testing program like Memtest on your A7NVM I first z7n266 this board on the net back in August but didn’t have time to look into it.

I left the case open the first time I ran the system and fan was working fine. Here they asus a7n266 vm motherboard in no particular order of quality: Meaning, the memory chip you install will be utilized by the system and “Share” part of the memory for video operations.

I cut that wire with an Xacto knife and used a asus a7n266 vm motherboard pen to short the right and middle spots as if it actually had a jumper. Nov 6, Posts: Just when I finished building a system it wouldn’t bootup Pete Ars Tribunus Angusticlavius Registered: Asus’s Tech Support email address: The “Cable select” thing was just a suggestion I saw on the web. If you still can’t get the board work or any board for that matter then return it.

Sep 19, Posts: Make sure to tell them your power supply rating etc. Asus may be fixing this in future shipments hopefully