Contains hate speech or attacks an individual. I’ll give it a go. Question about Liquid Metal application. What I am wondering is if anyone has found a solution to this so that FFXI finally uses my dedicated graphics card. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. I’ve been on and off over the years, but i think i’ll stick around a while this time.

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You must log in or sign up to reply here. I always preferred ATI ever since early ‘s I bought an nvidia that was very expensive top of the line and it had heat problems and stability issues. NA link EU link. Sorry to bombard with questions, the information just isn’t readily available and most FFXI players aren’t using the newest hardware yet. New laptop Windows question RuadhinDec 15,in forum: But, it happened to AMD as well.

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Final Fantasy XI

Windows OS and Software. I didn’t play with custom BIOS for obvious reasons. At first I was having issues with random crashes using dgVoodoo. Flash crashing Firefox has happened since FF updated to 41 or 42?

Check out the new guide on BG Wiki. Question about Liquid Metal application. Gold World Pass exchange.

I’ve just recently installed the game on my new laptop and have about the same problem you have. Pressing Windows Key makes it appear.

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My quest to play FFXI on an Alienware M17x R3 with NVidia GeForce GTX M | NotebookReview

Without going ncidia PC history here, let’s just say that it’s ultimately a graphics driver issue and the idea that laptop owners can even update their own GPU drivers without using the manufacturer as a middle man who’s usually two years behind is a very new phenomenon. Please use this list only for reference.

Have you managed to leave XI logged in for multiple days without the old TDR issue the prior series had?

I am currently using Geforce and I didn’t actually get any crash. I’ve been on and off over the years, but i think i’ll stick around a while this time.

Other than that, the game were natively plays around fps and 30 is the fps cap for it anyways. For me, i think that a ‘Free’ model with Cash shop and properly getting the word out about how soloable the core game is now would establish a good player base fvxi many years However, testing did not include standalone chipsets and their functionality cannot be guaranteed.

High End Graphics Cards And FFXI (Nvidia Bug)

HarryboiyeyeJul 4, Yeah I guess I should mention I’m on win10 and unwilling to downgrade to win7 as it would probably wreak havoc on drivers support. Log in or Sign up. There’s a program you can use called dgVoodoo2 to force it, but it makes it fairly unstable at that point FFXI is running through POL which is running through windower which is running through dgvoodooespecially if you use stuff like gearswap. Even if any should risk going through this, the setup IMO are quite a hassle and not something that many would find it easy to get it working, and there’s ppl reporting glitches using these unofficial fixes.

Your name or email address: While my search through net did find me some answer and which were claimed to make the game felt super smooth, this might be considered ToS breach. It should be called “All Play-On-line Games” in your dropdown list.

Can’t use max settings on that setup. What does seem to be the case though, is that a fix for this is not terribly complicated to create, at least specific to FFXI.