To add insult to injury the device switches off when USB power is applied. Submit A Support Request. First you need to install the driver for the USB-to-serial bridge. Stock Alkaline AA batteries will last quite a bit longer. Here are the details that are listed in the user manual. Carrying the DG on the belt is possible but due to the size of the device this is not overly convenient. This means a permanent in-car installation is not possible.

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On the side of the device is the mode switch. This means a permanent in-car installation is not possible. The DG is not watertight. Globalsat dg-100 data logger program comes on the included CD but can also be downloaded globalsat dg-100 Globalsat’s website.

Globalsat tried to use carriage returns but those are not supported by Google Earth, and come out as squares. Switching the device off while connected globalsat dg-100 USB globalsat dg-100 not easy either – it is not really clear if you actually managed to switch the device off or not because the LEDs are overridden by the applied power.

The usage of a low power GPS chipset allows uninterrupted logging for 32 hours. Google Earth KML is preferred, however that does not contain the altitude data.

I was logging a transatlantic flight, but I selected mode A. You can rename the modes and change their parameters later. Have any comments about this review? Speaking of the USB cable globalsat dg-100 it may look a bit strange at first, and you might wonder if it will be dangling globalsat dg-100 after a short while.

Mode switching should be seamless, and I hope Globalsat globalsat dg-100 implement that in a future version.

GlobalSat DG-100 Handheld

Gloobalsat A Support Request. What this means is you cannot use globalsat dg-100 DG out of globalsat dg-100 box – you need to first have access to a computer with a CD drive. The battery compartment cover is not overly user friendly, and did not survive a little drop oops either. Fully charged those are good for 24 hours before the low battery warning comes on.

Instead, you need to install the CPx driver, again either from the web globalsat dg-100 from the provided CD. They are not entirely accurate. Specifications Here are the details that are listed in the user manual. Switching between A,B and C will not actually change the logging mode – for the logging to resume with the globalsat dg-100 parameters you have to power cycle the data logger!

This is one of the weak points of the globalsat dg-100 – whenever you change settings globalsat dg-100 need to restart the DG Note that there is no option to specify if you want to overwrite old data.

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GlobalSat DG Handheld | eBay

I also liked the fact that the low battery warning comes relatively early, giving you enough time to react. Firstly, this is really mostly just globalsat dg-100 data logger.

You can either affix the adapter with the provided double sided tape or – less permanent – with a litte provided screw. However, Globalsat dg-100 have cunningly incorporated a little magnet into the body of the DG, and this engineering trick keeps the USB cable firmly in place when it is globalsat dg-100 in use. Looking rather square-ish it will certainly not win any prices for good looks, although globalsat dg-100 overall design is not too shabby globalsat dg-100. It comes provided with mAh rechargeable batteries.

But for now you can end up with multiple tracks per journey, and true to Murphy only one track at a time can be exported to Google Earth. That user guide is on the provided CD. One thing I did not understand is how tracks are separated.

I will change the mode to log by distance and specify a smaller distance, otherwise I will never fill up globalsat dg-100 memory Also, an ultra low power or maybe even mechanical motion sensor globalsat dg-100 be fitted to switch the logging off when the device has been stationary for a longer time. I would expect that future data loggers could be equipped with solar cells to extend the battery life more. Carrying the DG on the belt is possible but due to globalsat dg-100 size of the device this is not overly convenient.