Even with a USB cable attached, if your computer is off, the printer realizes you want to run it from the controller in standalone mode. The Canon printer can only be used with Canon cameras right now. The Cassette Holds about 25 sheets This is just a fun way to get prints. It was, in a word, a snap. Just insert your camera’s flash card into the appropriate card slot, select the pictures you want to print and how many copies to make and then hit the Print button.

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Functions available include Move, Rotate not really necessaryResize and Copies. But if you do, it’s well worth looking at it. No need to move her images onto our computer first and print from some application she may hiti photo printer 630ps have used before. A four-arrowed toggle button navigates the options and an OK button confirms your choice. The Setup menu on the controller does provide a limited calibration routine, mainly to align the paper to the print head. It’s basically a leaflet with many languages.

With a DPOF-capable digicam, you can select which images to print in the camera and just use the printer’s DPOF option after you’ve inserted your storage card. You can get just regular one-print paper, paper with 8 stickers on it, or peel-off label paper. hiti photo printer 630ps

Get a second opinion. The back of Canon 4 x 6 paper.

Back to Contents Yes, you can plug this pup into your USB hiti photo printer 630ps and print directly from your image editing software. This is just a fun way to get prints. Photo hiti photo printer 630ps rivals what you’ll get from the photo lab or online photo printing service.

See the next page of this review for the Windows driver options. The Base USB port whitecontroller, power cable, power switch One of the slickest things about this new printer, though, is the price drop it brings to its predecessor.

HiTi Photo Printer PS Specs – CNET

Also, hiti photo printer 630ps paper goes out the back of the printer during each pass, prknter you need some space behind the printer.

It’s not the closest thing to drugstore prints, it surpasses them.

With no messy inks, dye sub printing is very clean. There isn’t any rotation or resizing tied to the printer — if your PowerShot has this feature then you can use it.

HiTi Paper 4×6 Photo Paper Pack (50) F/640PS/630PS/631PS

Cassette type automatic feeder, 25 sheets capacity. Wednesday, August 28, Just select the photo and press OK to send it to the printer. It’s not a good idea to printwr the quality by the hiti photo printer 630ps, but it may help somewhat. In general we were delighted with unedited images printed straight from the card.

Just insert your camera’s flash card into the appropriate card slot, select printef pictures you want to print and how hiti photo printer 630ps copies to make and then hit the Print button. A car power adapter is also available.

We found the “space age” design of the PS to be attractive as well as functional. So they look just as good perhaps better with less resolution.

Hi Touch HiTi 630ps Technologies Photo Printer

Hi-Touch told us hiti photo printer 630ps to expect more than simple printing from the beta drivers. There’s huti flimsy about these printers hiti photo printer 630ps or the company, for that matter. It also serves to monitor the progress of any firmware updates. The printer recognized it was tethered to a computer, the computer knew it was out there and once we set the resolution of our image to fit the 4×6 page size, we were in business.

Adapters for Memory Stick and SD cards are available http: Same deal here about the “starter kit” phoro paper and ink, so you’ll want to buy more quickly. It was just too easy not to bang out a batch of 4×6 prints.