ASIO playing in more than one program — this is not as common and it’s probably what you’re asking about. Thanks again for sharing this. Already have an account? I don’t use it all the time either lol No need for an asio wrapper.

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Find More Posts by sostenuto. Hi Sonicsilver your idea for muti-client driver interface is very nice. Arthritic fingers means I find it very difficult to play anything.

Originally Posted by sostenuto James Peters I normally use Macs, and there is no setup or configuration involved The “input device” and “output device” choices for WASAPI on my system indicate my specific audio device name in the drop-down mklti.

None of the Steinberg audio devices are multi-client and only the Lynx Hilo is multi-client. Doing an album as we speak. Previous Syeinberg Index Next Topic. It actually works pretty good and if you only have 1 asio card this is a great workaround. I guess I should have said a regular part of the “toolbox” use it, get hyped, then forget about it lol.

Another asii is the Tascam interface I bought awhile back.

Try Wasapi on Win 10 Pro. Switch to Hybrid Mode. Matt Finley Veteran Registered: Here’s some of the amazing feedback we’ve received lately, from program users just like you! Learn even more about this feature within Chapter 5 of our Online Manual, here.

It’s basically clisnt asio server, you point all your apps you want to use to this device as the output, and you can open as many as you need at the same time good stuff!

PC Windows ASIO multiclient driver by Charlie Steinberg –

LotuzMay 1, You need an account to post a reply. Reading back though the thread, it sounds like the options to work around this are: Search Media New Media.

I can confirm what Chris said. I eventually found myself using my laptop’s crappy Realtek and MME to get around it. Post your request here steinbedg, we’re happy to help!!

Already have an account? This driver works nice. Cliennt name or email address: I have no idea why this matters for the Presonus and not for the cheap Realtek in my laptop.

Free Multi Client ASIO driver!

Click here to login. So long as it is listed within the windows audio mixer then most if not all audio programs will be able to access the cllient for sound.

They do different things really. Also I am running windows 10 pro. StanleyBladeMay 1, Its not a default however, you’d have to turn it on to work that way.